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"I can see and feel the difference, body and mind. Not only am I down 25lbs, I would have never challenged myself to do 1000 push ups in 3 months, let alone exceed that with another 1000. 

I could not even do 1 before I started working with Deauke!

The game changer about Deauke's coaching compared to other health programs

is the focus on awareness and habit creation. Learning the secrets of the power of the mind, 

leads to making conscious and better choices in all areas of your life,

fitness, food, wellness, even my job and my relationship.

You work towards long term and lasting results instead of quick fixes

that are not sustainable and leave you frustrated.

I love that in Deauke's program, there is no dieting involved or spending hours in a boring gym.

The user friendly online coaching platform we use only adds to the commitment and the fun.

It makes me feel supported and connected with 'my Badass Belgian coach' at all times."

Chris Kirk 

"Deauke is an exceptionally amazing trainer and coach. Her energy is infectious and she pushes you to do your best while also ensuring a 'safe space' where she's got your back. I've worked with several trainers and coaches, and Deauke is exceptional on every level. "

Laurie Friis

"You are a breath of fresh air & your non-judgmental nature freed me to open up & be by best self!"

"This Barn is my happy place! It offers something for every fitness level. Just starting out or need to take it easy, no problem. Ready to step it up, Deauke is ready to push you...just the right amount. Deauke teaches so much more than physical fitness. Love of nature, commitment to self, and discovery of new things are just a few of the things I have learned on my health journey with my coach Deauke."

Nicole Johnson

"A great coach because you push when necessary and really listen to each person - nothing you do is a one size fits all - I really appreciate that."

"Deauke has created a sanctuary at 'the Barn'. That is not to say she doesn’t motivate, inspire, and challenge you to test your limits! She fosters a supportive and fun environment, where I feel safe to play and test my limits. The integration of nature all around is a definite plus."

Nancy Andersen

"I loved it [Equeen Experience] because it helped me overcome some fears of mine...I'm not sure I needed it for reasons someone else might, but I do think I got a ton of value out of this experience"

"Deauke puts her heart and soul into her business and clients.

Her dedication is second to none and it inspires 'her Warriors' to do the same."

"I LOVE INDY. I love that he's around...as someone who naturally gravitates to animals more than people, he helped to ease my anxieties when I first started. I'm an extremely extroverted introvert, but my natural tendancies are to be in the company of animals vs people. One of the challenges I knew I'd face was connecting with the other warriors...I'm intimidated by women (not sure why) and have always struggled to "fit in". Having Indy there helped me to be myself. “

Sara Taylor

"Hot Stuff is a great program with the potential for great results. It takes the kind of person who is READY to make a change though- which limits the audience/potential participants. The emails and assignments are pertinent- you can tell that Deauke writes everything herself as it is genuine and with her creative flair. [...] One of the best parts of Hot Stuff is the authenticity. Deauke is honest, true, genuine and authentic- she makes it very easy to be that same way around her. I love how blunt she is sometimes. I love to look at her and say "wow, I could look like that if I really put in all the effort." (ok maybe I couldn't REALLY look like her but I could look better than I do :) ) "

"The Hot Stuff program was attractive to me because I felt connected to the environment and that the coach genuinely cared about the success of others. Her passion and commitment to each 'Warrior' was just what I needed to see how much I deserved this program."